At Good Kids Edu-Care, your children are the most important people. In the modern household, we understand the need for extended care in the early years of child development. With a consistent, nurturing, and social surrounding, we provide the loving support that each child deserves.

Every youngster is a talented individual at our center. From the challenging academic activities in the classroom, to the 3,000 square-foot Play Land, we offer every child the space to grow individually. In addition to the high standards of our school programs, extracurricular classes are also offered to allow each child the opportunity to explore his or her own interests.

Working well with others is another key to a successful social and academic foundation. Children not only learn to grow as individuals, but they also learn to grow with their classmates. We understand that the ideas of respect and trust require time and consistency to develop. Our experienced staff consists of several exceptional and dedicated caregivers, many of whom who have been with the center since its opening in 1986. By fostering participation and cooperation in every planned activity, we reinforce our commitment to nurture outstanding individual and social behaviors.

The idea of community is not just something we teach to our children. Respect and a reputation for quality is a cornerstone for our center. Trust and word of mouth are our highest awards.